What does the facade from CEDRAL boards look like?

Jak wygląda elewacja z desek CEDRAL?

What does the facade of CEDRAL boards look like? It’s really beautiful! We recently sent a transport to Iceland that contained these building materials. The contractor with whom we cooperate undertook the implementation of the investment. We are amazed at the results – the facade looks very natural, perfectly matching the Icelandic natural landscape. How does it look in practice? You can find out in the gallery below.

What does the facade from CEDRAL boards look like?

Natural beauty

In producing process CEDRAL is emphasizing the beauty of natural wood. If you make you elevation with fiber cement boards you will reach the appearance of mountain huts. The most important benefit, which you will get, is naturally looking facade. The structure of CEDRAL elevation boards imitates natural wood texture. In addition, you will reach the possibility to choose any color, thickness of wood grain and even the type of assembly.

You don’t need to maintain

CEDRAL elevation boards are not only natural beauty. First of all, it is comfort of use. Unlike natural wood, these products don’t need to be maintained. These boards don’t grow on moss and even get dirty – you can easily clean it with the pressure washer. Thanks to this the care of elevation will be a pleasure!

Choose you style

Buying CEDRAL products you will get multiple options of colors. You can choose Scandinavian shades of white and grey as well as natural colors of elevation boards. It’s not all possibilities – you can also modify the structure of wood grain and also choose to unifiy surface of the facade. Thanks to these solutions you have the possibility to personalize the appearance of your home both in a traditional and modern way.

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