Exports of stone wool and polystyrene foam

Rockwool stone wool is a very versatile product, distinguished by a wide range of applications, as well as excellent quality and reasonable price. Deciding to cooperate with us and buying stone wool from us, you get a guarantee of attractive prices, and thus reduce the costs of building a house abroad. This product can be used to insulate roof slopes, ceilings, load-bearing walls, partition walls and ventilation ducts. It is also used in various industries and in the power industry. Rockwool stone wool is a guarantee of effective and durable thermal and acoustic insulation, its application significantly improves the comfort of use of buildings and improves the level of safety, including fire protection.

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Sale and export of insulation membranes

Insulating membranes are ideal for protection against excessive moisture. These products can be used to protect foundations, roof and walls. Their task is to protect against water and moisture from the outside of the building on the one hand, and to ensure the free evaporation of water vapour from inside.

What is the risk of neglecting the quality of membranes?

Neglecting this element may lead to the accumulation of excessive moisture in rooms, which in turn may lead to the appearance of fungi and mould on walls and ceiling. That is why it is extremely important to buy good quality products and that is exactly what we offer. We work exclusively with recognised suppliers such as TYVEC, Parotec and Dorken. This gives you the certainty of the highest quality and we will provide attractive prices and comprehensive export support.

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Sales and exports of underfelt

Underfelt is an important product that should be laid both in the construction of foundations and the roofing. They provide additional protection against moisture and water penetration into the house. High quality products guarantee excellent tightness and, what is even more important, a much longer life span than worse quality substitutes. Therefore, in our offer you will find only products from renowned suppliers such as: Technonicol, Icopal and Werner.

How can we help you?

Working with us, you get a guarantee of attractive prices. What is more – we have many years of experience in exporting, thanks to which the whole procedure will be carried out without any problems. We also use the services of proven carriers who, like us, are committed to reliability, professionalism and high quality. We will also provide you with all customs formalities, adding free transport insurance. Need something more?

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