Sales and exports of reinforcing steel

Reinforcement steel with delivery

SkandPol Eksport deals with the export of various types of building materials. One of the most important products in our offer are metallurgical products. We sell, among others, reinforcing steel with delivery to the customer. Do you need ribbed rods? Or maybe welded nets? Are HEB I-beams included in the project? It does not matter to us, because we are able to deliver any product from this segment. However, the most important thing is that the export of reinforcing steel from Poland generates huge savings for the investor in Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. We invite you to make inquiries via e-mail or telephone.

Transport of reinforcing steel abroad

We are able to provide comprehensive construction supplies, regardless of the size of the project. We work only with proven suppliers, which gives us the certainty of an attractive price and, above all, of meeting all deadlines. We also have transport insurance, which we rarely use, because we make sure that loading takes place in accordance with our safety procedures. However, not all risk factors are influenced by us. If any unforeseen complications occur and your goods are damaged, you can continue to sleep soundly. Our insurer will cover any losses and we will send you a new shipment.

Export of reinforcing steel to Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

We sell reinforcing steel in Poland, which we then export abroad. Our main markets are currently Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, but we also supply to other countries around the world. We have also sent our building materials to Germany, Spain and such distant countries as Panama. We do not recognize any borders. Working with us, you won’t have to. Order in Poland and wait for deliveries all over the world.

Check our export offer abroad

We export not only reinforcing steel, but also other building materials. Our offer includes wooden, Scandinavian and PVC windows, as well as doors, garden equipment, CEDRAL facade boards and many more products. We are able to equip your construction site with all necessary goods, from foundations, through walls, to interior design. We are always on time, offering an extremely pleasant service in a friendly atmosphere. Contact us and save on investment!



Contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we make you an offer.



If our offer meets your expectations and this is exactly what you need, you place an order.



We need a moment to complete the products from your order. We keep your building materials in our warehouse, for which we do not charge any fee.



After completing the order, we secure it and prepare it for transport. After securing, it is loaded onto a container that will be delivered to you by our trusted carrier.



We will inform you when the order has passed customs clearance and has reached its destination. Write to us at for details.

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