Export of windows

We provide comprehensive services for construction investments, regardless of their scale. We provide a complete supply for the construction of single-family houses as well as large shopping malls. We do not recognize any borders, we are able to provide export to any place in the world.

Sale and export of windows

We also offer PVC, aluminum and wooden windows. We work with manufacturers valued on the Polish market. All windows (including PVC windows) are available in various opening variants: inwards, outwards, non-opening (fastkarm), as well as tilt and turn (topsving), which are known as Scandinavian windows.

Scandinavian windows

Scandinavian windows are very popular in Norway and Iceland. Their elegant appearance attracts attention because they are made of the highest quality wood which is resistant to changing weather conditions. Scandinavian windows perform well even in the most difficult weather conditions. At the same time, due to their construction, they protect against the wind, because their design means that with strong gusts the window sash is pressed into the frame and no gaps are created which would cause “thermal bridges”.

Custom-made windows

Not only do we sell and export Scandinavian windows, but we also undertake more complicated and demanding orders for historical windows, recreated on the basis of supplied originals.

See our catalogs

Did you know that we have catalogs from our suppliers on the website? There you will find up-to-date offers on building materials that he can supply to you.