Sale of roofing

Ceramic tiles Titania and other products

We have comprehensive and specialized knowledge of roofing is primarily the result of many years of work in the industry and cooperation with many companies. One of the most important points on the list of products offered by SkandPol Eksport is ceramic tiles. Due to the fact that we consider the sale of roof coverings to be a very important element of our offer, you will also find Creaton, Braas, and Koramic tiles, and in case of tile, we cooperate with such companies as Blachy Pruszyński, Blachotrapez, Bud Mat, Plannja and Decra.

Your trust is important to us

Each of these brands enjoys great customer confidence. Moreover, in our offer you can find a wide range of accessories for roof finishing or guttering made of various materials. If you are interested in our offer to sell and export roof coverings, please contact us. On the basis of the delivered project, we will calculate the material demand, advise on the choice of the appropriate product, and after the purchase, we will pack everything on the car or in a container and deliver to any place in Europe. Just call us and arrange the details.

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Did you know that we have catalogues from our suppliers on the site? You will find there a current offer for building materials that can supply you.

Can’t you see what you want to order?

Relax. We probably haven’t added it yet 🙂 Contact us so we can make you a full offer.


An indispensable element of the roofing is its finishing. Our offer of roof finishing is a completion to the offer of roofing and guttering. You can purchase and export all kinds of additives improving the tightness and ventilation of the roof, its aesthetics and safety. In our permanent offer, you can find various types of membranes, foils and tapes of Parotec company, with which we cooperate from the very beginning. Parotec is also a supplier of roof communication elements and snow protection.


Every space in the attic must have an appropriate level of illumination. Well-chosen roof windows will help you achieve this. In the offer of Skandpol Eksport, you can find Velux and Fakro roof windows available in different types and dimensions. They are reliable, easy to use, functional and effective windows. It is also worth paying attention to their modern, interesting design, which will give rooms in the attic a unique atmosphere. If you need roof windows or professional help in choosing the right window model, please contact us.