Chimney systems

Modern and safe chimneys

Our offer also includes chimney systems from a renowned manufacturer: Schiedel. Schiedel is a well-known European manufacturer of chimney, combustion and ventilation systems. Ceramic chimney systems are new generation solutions based on the best raw materials and technologies. High-performance Schiedel chimney inserts are compatible with modern heating devices. Energy-saving chimney systems can be used in single-family houses as well as in multi-family buildings. Schiedel offers chimney stack models which are adapted to the different needs of customers. We would also like to remind you that a chimney in a house (or other building) should always be adapted to the heating device operating in it, as well as to ventilation. A badly selected chimney can not only spoil the aesthetics of the apartment, but also lead to misfortune. It is worth taking care of your thermal comfort, but also of the safety of yourself and your family.