Materiały budowlane

Oferujemy najszerszy wybór materiałów budowlanych. Kompleksowo zaopatrzymy Twoją budowę – od fundamentów, aż po wykończenie wnętrz!

Construction materials

We have many years of experience in our business. That is the reason why we are able to offer you the best price and the best quality of construction materials. If you decide to cooperate with us, you will get comprehensive equipment for your investments. Thanks to us you will not only save your time looking for the best offer on the market but most of all – you will save you money!

Huge product range for your need

Our range of construction materials includes roofing materials, rock wool, roofing membranes, windows (including roof windows!), doors and many other products.
We provide building supplies for your whole project: starting at foundations, to walls and roofs to doors and windows to interior fixtures, fittings and finishes.

See for yourself how amazing your home could be!

We are in touch

We stay in touch with you from the moment you place your order to the complaint procedures. We keep you informed when exactly construction materials will reach you.

No formalities

We not only sell construction materials in Poland. We also provide comprehensive support for their export. That is why among our satisfied costumers there are people from both Iceland and Norway!

Always on time

We work only with reliable partners. Thanks to them we guarantee that ordered construction materials will always arrive on time and at the place indicated by you. We guarantee timely loading and unloading.

Groupage transport

Materiały budowlane Gdańsk Elbląg Słupsk - najlepszy wybór tylko w Skandpol Eksport.

What is that?

Groupage transport is just a matter of sharing a container with other orders. Thanks to this, you do not have to pay for entire cargo space, which is especially valuable with fewer construction materials. In practice, it looks like this: your order shared the cargo space with the orders of other costumers, thanks to which such transport become profitable.

What you will gain from this?

When you decide to groupage transport, eg to Iceland, you get a lot of profits. First of all, you will get the best price for transport. You will pay only for used cargo space, and not for the entire container. Thus, it is an opportunity for those who decide to make smaller investments and want to import construction materials from Poland.

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