Wide range of products for foundations

As specialists in the sale of building materials, we can offer our customers the highest quality blocks. We sell four types of this basic building material: concrete blocks, Porotherm ceramic blocks, silicate blocks and cellular concrete blocks. Export to Norway, similarly to other products offered by us, is not a problem for us.

It’s hard to imagine building without the blocks. They are used to create internal and external wall structures. Cellular concrete blocks available in various sizes are widely used. They are very durable products providing structures with high strength and appropriate thermal insulation. In turn, ceramic blocks are characterized by resistance to fire, frost and biological corrosion, good heat accumulation and durability. They are used, among others, to construct load-bearing walls. The selection of suitable blocks may be crucial for the success of the investment.

Our offer includes:

  • concrete blocks,
  • Porotherm ceramic blocks,
  • silicate blocks,
  • cellular concrete blocks,
  • clay blocks.