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Custom furniture

Wood, plywood, MDF – every material!

Custom furniture

Custom furniture made of wood, plywood, MDF – choose what you prefer!

We offer custom furniture that stands out due to its high quality. We cooperate only with the best contractors, thanks to which we can guarantee you satisfaction for years. We have a wide range of products – from plywood pieces of furniture, through wooden ones, to the ones made of MDF.

Custom furniture

When you decide on custom furniture from our offer, you get an individually designed space. You will receive the project from us included in the package – along with the carpentry constructions made based on the highest quality standards. Beauty, aesthetics, functionality – these features usually distinguish custom furniture. We also add high quality to them!

Who is this the perfect solution for?

Custom furniture will meet your expectations if you value individuality. This solution is also perfect for you, if you have an unusual layout of the apartment and the standard furnishing does not match your interior design concept. Contact us and make the visions of your home a reality!

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Make your apartment unique

You must feel special in your apartment, right? By designing your own furniture, you give your own character to the entire spatial arrangement. Thanks to this, you can really feel that you are at home. Your idea, our project and execution – it’s the perfect setup. See also our offer for custom stairs and make your apartment really yours. In every sense of the word.

We will implement any project

We cooperate only with reliable partners. Thanks to this, we can execute and implement any project, regardless of its technological complexity. We offer a wide range of available materials – plywood, MDF or wood have no secrets for us. Contact us and see for yourself, how unique your apartment can be!

Available materials

Wooden furniture is a classic. This material is distinguished by its natural beauty as well as long-term durability. Thanks to the development of processing technology methods, we breathe modern spirit into traditional forms. We offer custom furniture made of beech, oak and pine.

MDF is currently the most popular material that used in the carpentry industry. It’s distinguished by high flexibility and durability, and in addition it’s easy to process and can be milled without much problem. It’s an ideal base for veneer, laminate and varnish layers. Contact us and find out more about the benefits of furniture made of MDF!

Plywood is a building material that has been known for years, which is made by applying thin layers of wood on one another. Currently it’s increasingly used to create unique forms of furniture. This material can be easily formed, while its hot bending allows to achieve durable and oval curves. Contact us and find out more about the benefits!

Do you need different material?

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Our projects (examples)

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Contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we make you an offer.



If our offer meets your expectations and this is exactly what you need, you place an order.



We need a moment to complete the products from your order. We keep your building materials in our warehouse, for which we do not charge any fee.



After completing the order, we secure it and prepare it for transport. After securing, it is loaded onto a container that will be delivered to you by our trusted carrier.



We will inform you when the order has passed customs clearance and has reached its destination. Write to us at office@skandpol.eu for details.

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