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Our offer includes proven and safe systems for interior drywall systems and facades of reputable facturers such as Siniat and Knauf. Dry building does not require the use of water, which is necessary for such building materials as concrete or gypsum plaster. An alternative to them are products based on mechanical fixings or glue. Former dry construction was most often associated with the use of wood-based boards and panels, but with the development of modern technologies, this segment was joined by gypsum and fibre gypsum boards and glass, mineral wool and plastic products.

The finishing materials offered by us meet the highest quality standards, responding to the needs of the most demanding customers. Interior drywall systems are mainly gypsum plasterboards and assembly profiles. Thanks to these products you can easily build partition walls, suspended ceilings and other finishing elements. Our products are easy to assemble and disassemble, thanks to which they create wide possibilities of interesting and functional interior design. The offered solutions are used not only in apartments and single-family houses, but also in schools, hospitals or public buildings. They make interiors warmer, drier and more user-friendly. Such rooms are more pleasant to live and stay in on a daily basis.

Comprehensive export abroad

We sell finishing materials not only in Poland but also abroad. We carry out, among others, exports to Norway and exports to Iceland, Switzerland and other countries around the world.

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