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We sell a full range of steel tile effect roof sheets to Iceland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and anywhere else in the world. We offer a large selection of steel tile effect roof sheets from brands like Pruszyński, Blachotrapez, Plannja and many others. Working with us brings the benefits of highly attractive prices and full support in all export procedures.

Tile effect roofing sheets sales and shipment abroad

What is a tile effect steel roof sheet? A very lightweight material, it perfectly protects your home against harsh weather conditions. Its low weight makes it ideal to provide roofing for long-standing and timber-framed buildings. Modern tile effect sheet roofing looks virtually the same as ceramic roofing, as it adds this charming note to your home that is worthy of a classic building.

Tile effect steel roof sheets from brands you know

We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with renowned manufacturers of tile effect sheet, including Pruszyński, Plannja and Blachotrapez. We have maintained an excellent collaboration with our suppliers, which ensures that you will get high-quality tile effect roofing sheets at very attractive prices. Thanks to our mutual trust with suppliers, we will receive a 0% VAT export invoice, so you will avoid double taxation.

Comprehensive export support

We have been shipping building materials to a number of countries for more than five years. We are well acquainted with the customs clearance procedures in force in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the Canary Islands, as well as in such distant destinations as Panama. With our five years’ experience, we process 240+ shipments a year. This led us to gaining all the experience and expertise needed to take care of all customs procedures for you.

Get tile effect roofing sheets from industry experts

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we do all the paperwork ourselves. We will also arrange for safe transportation, issue a 0% VAT export invoice and add transport insurance as part of the package for you. All you need to do is place your order. We will deliver building and finishing materials to the address you specify or arrange another method of collection.