How does it work?

1. Offer

The first step to be fully satisfied with your order is of course contact with us. During the conversation we will get to know your needs and on this basis we will prepare an offer. It is only up to you to accept it.

2. Order

If our offer meets your expectations both in terms of the range of the assortment and in terms of price attractiveness, you place an order. At this stage we give you an approximate time to complete the order and estimate the expected delivery date.

NOTICE: acceptance of the offer also implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

3. Completion

After placing an order, we proceed to its completion. We need some time to collect all construction materials from our suppliers. All products are stored in our warehouse, which is completely free. You will not pay anything for storing your building materials.

4. Shipping

Once we have completed your order, we start shipping. First, we contact a trusted carrier and set a loading date. Then we secure the loading in a way that it fully reaches its destination. We have to be sure that your order will reach you without any damages. When we a tender farewell to your order and send it far away, we will inform you about this fact and give you the exact date of arrival.

5. Pickup

Before the transport reaches you, it has to travel hundreds of kilometers and also go through customs clearance. Thanks to the appropriate loading security and the experience of our carriers, the order will reach you in its entirety and without major obstacles. We will inform you when the building materials reach the place of pickup. In some cases we are able to offer delivery to the indicated address. Contact us and ask for details.

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