Exporting construction timber

Bet on proven structures

Do you admire grand buildings? Many of them owe their many years of durability to high-quality structures made entirely of structural timber. This is the absolute basis of every house, which is supposed to last for many years. The advantages of this solution have been noticed among others by Britains, Norwegians, and Icelanders, who build their houses exclusively with wooden structures.

Ecological constructions

You will find here both classic wood as well as products that meet the highest environmental standards. Ecological construction means to care for nature. It is also about taking care of your wallet because such products meet the highest requirements for energy-efficient construction. Live in harmony with nature and save on it – is there anything more beautiful?

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Export of certified wood C24

We also export C24 certified timber. It is a special construction timber, which is the basis for frame building, roof constructions, or the erection of walls and ceilings. Thanks to special processing, such wood is resistant to fogging, mold, and fungi.

What is C24 certified wood?

C24 certified wood is created as a result of planning and drying based on the PN-EN338 standard. This standard, in turn, specifies the strength and stiffness values for classes of materials used for the construction of deciduous and coniferous wood. As a result, such constructional wood is much lighter than the structures erected from wet beams, which in turn has a huge impact on the strength of the entire building. An additional advantage is the possibility of using smaller cross-sections, which has a direct impact on reducing the cost of the entire construction project.