Ordering construction materials from Poland you will expect safety and firm transport do Norway. The choice the most reliable carrier it’s not easy. If you even have tried to order such service you know it well. During selecting our carriers we follow specific rules. Thanks to that we’re sure in 100% to choose the right business partners.

Technical control the chosen vehicle

Geographical determinants in Norway make that all vehicles in the chosen enterprise should be in the best technical condition. It’s important because in Norway there’re a lot of mountains and other roads that are difficult to drive. We must ensure that the vehicle control has been carried out before departure, and all repairs take place in authorized workshops.

Payload and packing orders

Depending on needs, the vehicle should be properly loaded. The way of unloading goods and the possibility of attaching a trailer is equally important. We also ensure that there is the possibility of using pallets. If goods are properly folied and they don’t exceed 110 cm in height, pallets can be loaded one on top after the other – of course, it still depends on the strength of the load. In the case of large dimensions, it is worth considering wooden boxes. We also make sure if it’s possible to load and unload goods using a forklift.

Drivers’ experience is important

Knowing the basic rules of transporting goods it’s not enough to ensure safe transport to Norway. Knowledge of Norwegian traffic regulations is also important. We put emphasis on the fact that our Business Partners employs only qualified and experienced staff. It’s up to their skills to determine whether the order will reach you without any damages.

Transport to Norway and customs duties

We make sure that our construction materials will be transported to Norway without any problems. Therefore we verify if selected carriers are hiring drivers who know customs regulations. We stay in touch with them and always instruct, but we’re aware that familiarity with these rules makes crossing the border much easier. It’s important especially for the large load which exceeds the quota limits. If drivers know which documents they should show to customs officers and how to solve any problem, it’s invaluable for us.


Transport companies that carry out the order themselves guarantee that transport costs aren’t spread out to smaller forwarding companies. That’s the reason why we make sure that transport to Norway takes place just by one truck. Large forwarding centers divide the whole transport process into several stages, ie delivery to Norwegian warehouses, in which the cargo is separated, reloaded and then send to customers. We avoid such solution – it’s important for us to assure that transport to Norway takes place in the safest condition.

Transport to Norway with SkandPol Eksport

We take care of the highest standards of implementation. Years of experience in the business have allowed us to define precise rules, based on which we carefully select only the best carriers. We encourage you to contact us – we will do our best to make you satisfied with the quality!

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