We were in Tenerife! Well, to be precise, we helped one of our clients to move his life center there. All Mr. Tomasz had to do was to pack his belongings, fill in and sign documents and transport his possessions from the container to his new home.

We organized the collection of his belongings from his house, transported them to our warehouse, secured them for the time of transport, helped to complete the required documentation, completed customs formalities, and finally delivered the container to the Canary Islands. The container traveled over 5000 km, 2 seas, and 1 ocean to make Mr Tomasz and his family happy.

We took care of literally everything! Minimum of formalities, maximum of satisfaction!

How did we help?

We organized the collection of possessions from his home, transported them to our warehouse. We burned, described, weighed, helped fill out the resettlement property documentation. We arranged literally everything.

We observe the highest safety standards during loading. We have developed appropriate procedures, so that we can be sure that the goods will always reach you whole. However, to assure you that we approach the matter professionally, each transport is covered by the appropriate insurance.

How can we help you?

In our offer you will find complex equipment of each investment with necessary building materials. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers, thanks to which you are guaranteed attractive prices. We will take care of all the formalities for you and we will also make sure that you buy construction materials in Poland with a 0% VAT rate. You don’t have to worry about whether your order will meet all customs procedures because we have the experience to make sure that the goods cross the border without any problems.