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Which wooden windows choose for home?

Choosing windows is not easy and usually causes a lot of problems. We can choose wooden windows, PVC windows or aluminum windows, and each of the types of windows available on the market has advantages and disadvantages. The final choice should always be preceded by a precise definition of one’s own expectations. It is also […]

There are daily orders, as well as very… Unusual. To such orders we should definitely add the transport of the whole container of Isohome hollow bricks to Panama 🙂 We love such challenges, and even more so when we manage to meet them. What are Isohome hollow bricks? Isohome hollow bricks are a special building […]

We like to observe the growth of investments for which we have supplied building materials. It was no different in the case of a building in Norway, where we received beautiful photos from its owners. They ordered from us all the necessary articles that made it possible to create a modern and stylish house. Specifically, […]