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Day as every day, that is transport to Reydarfjordur. We often send building materials, finishing materials and other goods from Poland there. This is so that you can benefit from attractive prices. We love to support you.

Export to Reydarfjordur – what did we send?

What exactly did we send to Reydarfjordur? PVC doors and windows, interior doors, tools, upholstered furniture, hard furniture, interior furnishings, finishing materials, ceramic tiles, floor panels, shower cubicles, building chemistry, toys for children, snowplowing machines, corrugated sheet metal with machining, and PVC window sills.

We observe the highest safety standards during loading. We have developed appropriate procedures to ensure that the goods will always reach you in their entirety. However, in order to assure you that we take a professional approach, each transport is covered by appropriate insurance.

How can we help you?

In our offer, you will find comprehensive equipment for each investment in the necessary building materials. We work only with proven suppliers, so you are guaranteed attractive prices. We will provide you with all other formalities, and we will make sure that you buy construction products in Poland with a 0% VAT rate. You no longer have to worry about whether your order will meet all customs procedures because we have the right experience to make sure the goods cross the border without major problems.

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Contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we make you an offer.



If our offer meets your expectations and this is exactly what you need, you place an order.



We need a moment to complete the products from your order. We keep your building materials in our warehouse, for which we do not charge any fee.



After completing the order, we secure it and prepare it for transport. After securing, it is loaded onto a container that will be delivered to you by our trusted carrier.



We will inform you when the order has passed customs clearance and has reached its destination. Write to us at for details.

Exports to Iceland and Norway

We are an exporter of building materials, custom furniture, finishing materials, and all other products that you will need during construction or renovation. We permanently send products to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and also to the Canary Islands. We have already exported to other countries, even exotic ones like Panama. Our world has no borders and we effectively endure them by sending Polish construction materials to all countries in the world.

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