Tiles are one of the hottest commodities. Every year we send countless amounts of them to various countries around the world. An interesting fact is that we also send such products to Polish customers. This was the case – the implementation took place in Połchowo. This order is another proof of how attractive business conditions we are able to negotiate with our suppliers.

Sale of clay roof tiles

In the picture, you can see the implementation of a roof with our products. In this case, it is a Titania clay tile black glaze. By the way, this is the most frequently ordered product by people who live in Norway on a daily basis.

We follow carefully developed safety procedures during the loading of the goods. To all this, we add transport insurance. So that you can be sure that your order will reach you in one piece, regardless of weather conditions. Find out more about transport insurance >>>.

Export of tiles from Poland

We ensure the sale and export of roof tiles from Poland. What is more, we will also take care of all other formalities for you and make sure that you buy construction materials in Poland with a 0% VAT rate. You no longer have to worry about whether your order will meet all customs procedures because we have the experience to ensure that the goods cross the border without major problems.