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Which wooden windows choose for home?

Choosing windows is not easy and usually causes a lot of problems. We can choose wooden windows, PVC windows or aluminum windows, and each of the types of windows available on the market has advantages and disadvantages. The final choice should always be preceded by a precise definition of one’s own expectations. It is also […]


Transport to Reydarfjordur – Iceland

At the end of the week, we sent another transport to Reydarfjordur. We pay a lot of attention to the rules of loading safety, and that was the case this time too. To Iceland sailed, among others: the car trailer; cobblestones; terrace doors; chipboards; Hecht products and many others.   Groupage transport to Iceland We […]


Transport to Moen – Norway

Once Iceland, once Norway – we send our building materials to these countries. Recently, a big transport went to Moen, a beautiful Norwegian town. Taking care of our standards, we have properly secured the entire load, so we are sure that it will reach a satisfied customer in its entirety. The transport included, among others: […]


Transport to Dalvik – Iceland

Dalvik is a small town in Iceland, located on the beautiful Eyjafjörður fjord. This is where we sent one of our last transports. We loaded, among others: Building chemistry, floor panels, bathroom fittings and many more building materials!   Groupage transport to Iceland We offer the possibility of sending small orders which will share one […]


Whole container to Reydafjordur

Another transport to Reydafjordur, this time we sent a whole container of building materials. We secured the loading against possible damage in accordance with our standards. Our client received, among other things, the following Rockwool wool, a cobblestone from Kostbet, three caravans, building chemistry and many more building materials. Groupage transport to Iceland We offer […]

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Transport pustaków Isohome do Panamy

There are daily orders, as well as very… Unusual. To such orders we should definitely add the transport of the whole container of Isohome hollow bricks to Panama 🙂 We love such challenges, and even more so when we manage to meet them. What are Isohome hollow bricks? Isohome hollow bricks are a special building […]


Transport to Vestmannaeyjar

July, August, September – we work all the time at the highest speed! This time we sent transport to Vestmannaeyjar – a city located in Iceland. The loading consisted, among other things, of Rockwool wool, products to bathroom from Ravak, building chemistry, doors and windows and many other building materials! Groupage transport to Iceland We […]


Transport to Moss, Slattum, Fetsund i Solbergelva

At the end of an extremely busy week, we sent transport to four beautiful Norwegian cities: Moss, Slattum, Fetsund and Solbergelva. Our standard is the proper protection of building materials, so we don’t need to mention that. This time we loaded, among others: Knauf construction chemicals, Rockwool wool, gypsum cardboard slabs, Galeco guttering, flashings, Aquapanel […]