Wisniowski doors – new in the offer!

We are constantly developing our offer to meet your requirements. The Wisniowski Doors is a novelty in our offer that is becoming more and more popular. First of all the highest quality is the most important feature which distinguishes the producer’s doors but not only. A strong point is also the innovation of technologies that are used in the production process. Below we present the most important features.

Wisniowski Doors – about the brand

Wisniowski is a company that has been operating on the Polish market for 29 years. Thanks to a modern technological and production center, they ensure high quality of gates and all other products in their offer. Innovations are constantly being introduced and thanks to this the brand is able to improve its costumer’s experiences. Considering the adopted policy, the vision, as well as our experience, we can conclude that the Wisniowski is the leader in its industry.

What distinguishes these products?

You can write a lot about the brand itself, but the best will be what really distinguishes the Wisniowski doors from the competition. First of all, in the manufacturer’s offer, you will find unique solutions which include unified the color and the structure of the entrance gate, garage gate and interior doors. That’s why these products are dedicated to those who appreciate the aesthetics of everyday surroundings. You will find such solutions in the Modern collection.

Bramy Wiśniowski kolekcja Modern

Unified Home Inclusive solutions are available in the Modern collection. There is a possibility to choose different ribs.

For passive homes

Wisniowski doors also include products that meet the stringent standards of passive construction. Sectional gates from the Prime and UniTherm collections have an extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which is 0.33 W / m 2 K. This solution is ideal for people who appreciate savings on heating bills. They are also ideal for garages with mini-stores that adjoin the houses.

Ribs, structure and colors

The most frequently asked question is about the available colors, ribs and available structures of Wisniowski’s doors. The color range of the manufacturer is really wide and – depending on the model – it can cover up to 35 colors, starting from golden oak, on minimalist and modernist colors from Woodec Sheffield Oak line ending. In each HomeInclusive packages, you can choose between four collections, which include a total of 16 different color options. More about the colors you can read on the manufacturer’s website


The Wisniowski doors are available in four structures. Woodgrain perfectly imitates the texture of wood, thanks to clearly outlined tree rings. People who prefer smooth surfaces should consider choosing a perfectly smooth Smoothgrain, a slightly rough Sandgrain, and Silkline.


An important issue affecting the aesthetics of the gates are ribs – that is, horizontal stripes that are a functional part of the products. In principle, the following three patterns can be distinguished:

Comfort of using

The appearance and functionality of the gates is one thing, but it is also worth taking care of the comfort of use. This advantage can only be assured by the properly selected gate automation and preferably – intelligent control via a smartphone. In Wisniowski’s offer, you will find basically two types of drives: Metro with the possibility of connecting four control devices and Moto, which allows you to connect two pilots. What distinguishes these products is the technological perfection achieved thanks to cooperation with Somfy.

Smart solutions

Wisniowski’s offer is also a solution for the most demanding users. Their expectations will be satisfied by intelligent solutions thanks to which the gate can be controlled using a smartphone. Wiśniowski is also a leader on the Polish market, offering four products: smartCONNECTED, WiControl, AirKey and TaHoma. Learn more about them at Wiśniowski’s website>> </ em>

Gates Wiśniowski – we are a distributor

You can get all the benefits of Wisniowski’s doors if you decide to work with us. We are an official distributor, we also have qualified staff who can help and explain any doubts. We encourage you to contact us – we will match the offer to your expectations.