PVC windows, interior and exterior door and their models

Window and door frame joinery

We offer PVC, aluminium and wood windows. We cooperate with valued manufacturers from the Polish market. All types of windows (including PVC windows) have various types of windows openings: open inwards, outwards, non-opening (fastkarm), tilt and turn opening (topsving), which are known as Scandinavian windows. As for the joinery, we offer HS-type lift and slide balcony doors which are also popular in Norway.

We provide not only Scandinavian windows and doors, of such manufacturers as Porta or DRE, but we also undertake more complex and demanding orders, such as historical doors and windows, reconstructed on the basis of the original door or windows provided by the client. As for the export of interior doors, we offer interior (in-house) doors, interior and exterior front doors (wood, steel and fire door), technical doors and utility room doors.

Our products of building materials from Poland, include Forbuild products (previously Betomax), which is one of our partners. Thanks to Forbuild we were able extend our offer by the professional accessories for reinforce concrete works, such as plastic and concrete spacers for reinforcement purposes, reinforcement steel, BINDAX rebendable and continuity reinforcement, binding wire or a wide range of sealing systems and chemicals for concrete. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with Forbuild we have acquired a thorough understanding on the reinforced concrete works technology and the offered products. Are you interested in the export of construction chemicals?