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Export of car parts

SkandPol Eksport is not only exporter of building materials. It is also the export of car parts. Borders? There are no borders – we send to all serviced countries!

Export of car parts

We want to meet your expectations as much as possible. Therefore, our offer includes not only a wide range of construction and finishing materials but also exports of car parts to all countries. Polish quality, Polish reliability, Polish prices. Do you need more?

Wide range of offer

We offer car parts for all makes. Remarkably wide choice, high quality, and attractive price – these are the issues that we place particular emphasis on. You will find here both budget products and PREMIUM class parts. We have everything you need.

We stay in touch

From the moment of placing an order, through transport, to the reception and after-sales service – we stay in touch and provide information about the order.

No formalities

We’ll take care of you in all the formalities, regardless of the country you live in. We provide comprehensive services for export of car parts to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and many other countries.

Bezpiecznie i na czas

Dbamy o bezpieczeństwo podczas załadunku, a dodatkowo w pakiecie otrzymujesz od nas ubezpieczenie transportowe. Współpracujemy też wyłącznie ze sprawdzonymi przewoźnikami, dzięki czemu zamówienia zawsze docierają na czas.

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Contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we make you an offer.



If our offer meets your expectations and this is exactly what you need, you place an order.



We need a moment to complete the products from your order. We keep your building materials in our warehouse, for which we do not charge any fee.



After completing the order, we secure it and prepare it for transport. After securing, it is loaded onto a container that will be delivered to you by our trusted carrier.



We will inform you when the order has passed customs clearance and has reached its destination. Write to us at office@skandpol.eu for details.

Export of car parts to Norway

We provide an export of car parts to Norway, so you can significantly reduce the costs resulting from the use of your car in the ‘country of fjords’.

Export of car parts to Iceland

We also handle the export of car parts to Iceland. We love this country and are happy to return to it, regardless of the time of day or year.

Export of car parts to Switzerland

When offering to export car parts to Switzerland, we pay special attention to all administrative procedures at the border. We want to cross the border without any problems and get to you at the agreed time.

Export of car parts

We are a trading company that exports not only building materials but also car parts. We have a very wide offer, cooperating only with proven suppliers from many industries, thanks to which our offer is practically unlimited. Building materials, finishing materials, and exporting car parts – do you need anything else?

Exporting car parts from Poland

If you decide to cooperate with us, you receive a service of exporting car parts abroad without any formalities. You contact us, we present you with an offer, you place an order, which we complete and send to you. You are just waiting for us to deliver the order to the agreed place of picking. That is all.

What can you order from us?

  • oils and filters

  • engines and accessories

  • turbochargers

  • alternators and starters

  • valve train components

  • rims and tyres

  • suspension elements

  • clutches and dual-mass flywheels

  • vehicle equipment

  • brake system components

  • steering components

  • refrigeration system components

  • vehicle electrical system

  • exhaust and intake system components

  • fuel system components

  • bodywork

  • other accessories

Polish car parts

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Quality appreciated abroad

Polish car parts are recognized all over the world. Not only because of the attractive prices but above all because of the very high quality and precision of manufacture. That is why the export of car parts is increasing year by year, and the work of our specialists is appreciated by well-known world brands, which commission the production of their cars and car parts in Poland.

We handle exports from A to Z

We have many years of experience in exporting abroad, thanks to which we know perfectly well all customs procedures. We have already sent orders to Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, and also to such exotic regions of the world as Panama. Our world has no borders, neither does yours. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs.

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